The Best Way To Get Around Bali

The Best Way To Get Around Bali

I always thought Fourways Traffic was bad but Denpasar Traffic is one you don’t want to be caught in, especially if you want to go catch the beach sunset while on holiday. A couple of times I missed amazing sunsets because I was stuck in the worst traffic I’ve ever seen after locals had suggested we go sightseeing and visit some of Bali’s most amazing attractions. Most of these attractions are at least 40 / 50 km from the city centre and by the time you come back from them you are most likely to get stuck in long lines of non moving traffic

After a few days of these JHB 9-5 like journeys I decided to do what the locals do, hire a Sepada Motor (Scooter) or Uber Motorcycle. In SA we have aboMageza but in Bali, they have Sepada Motors (Scooters). I’ve never seen so many scooters in my entire life but it’s a way of life over there. A 24 hour transportation system that works well for the locals.

If you want to get anywhere quicker and cheaper, your best bet is to take a Sepada Motor or in my case, UberMotor. For a 7km distance you will pay Rp23 000 (R23) instead of Rp70 000 (R70) in an Uber X.  You can also hire these Sepada Motors out for Rp70 000 (R70) per day for 7 days or Rp100 000 (R100) per day. There’s lots of places on almost every street in Seminyak that hire these out. 

I highly recommend you use these as  Uber X drivers in Bali are very cheeky and you will get scammed. They really do NOT follow Uber guidelines and try by all means to make more money from every trip. I had drivers try to hustle me a couple of times, asking me to pay Rp100 000 for a Rp25 000 trip. One guy asked me to pay cash, cancel my trip (which would have been charged to my card ) then send him a location on WhatsApp so he can come collect and take me to my hotel. The trip on Uber was Rp45 000 but he charged me Rp150 000 which I refused.

If you can ride, hire a Sepada Motor or UberMotor, it’s safe and also a dope way to experience the city.

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