“Welcome to my life – the Life of Stlyes. Think of this as the male bunker, your favorite barbare shop. Yeah, you can take your coat of and relax.

In here, i’ll be sharing my favourite items. Things I usually reserve for my close friends. But now, you get to see what style, my style, my friends style is about when it comes to fashion, cars, travel and lifestyles.”

Men’s Fashion – We will share everything from our favourite sneaker buys to our favourite go to looks because style is about more than the clothes you wear.

Cars – New cars, old cars, classic cars, exotic cars you name it, if we love it then we will be sharing it!

Travel – As our current careers take us across South Africa and sometimes the world we will share some of our favourite experiences here on the blog.

Lifestyle – every now and again we will share our favourite men’s health picks, everything from skin care to food and drinks.